Welcome to GOING “S” ADVENTURE!!!!
Jay Mobley and Hugh Yamada are going to do GOING “S” ADVENTURE in the United States meaning CROSS COUNTRY FROM BOSTON TO LA by BICYCLE!!!!!!!
Here are our biographies! Check us out!

Jay Mobley

Jay Mobley is a composer, singer/songwriter, and theater artist based in Boston, Massachusetts. His music is eclectic and adventurous, and combines elements of folk, rock, and classical music. He is well known in the Boston area as a sound designer and composer, and his score to the play Who Would Be King has been heard in Manhattan, Philadelphia, and Cambridge, MA. His classical guitar music has been played by ensembles on tour in Spain and in Serbia. Ed Jassik’s Heart, the debut album by his band Jasper & the Rubber Policemen, will be released in August 2018!

Jay is excited to join forces with Hugh on the “Going S” Adventure, and introduce their music to audiences across America!

Hugh Yamada

Hugh Yamada is a singer songwriter originally from Tochigi, Japan who sings in Japanese and English. His music sounds very simple but has nice melodies and harmonies when incorporated with a band. Hugh has been influenced by Japanese folk singers such as Takuro Yoshida and Yutaka Ozaki, as well as American 60’s-70’s folk/rock musicians like The Beatles, Simon and Gerfankel. The Singer Songwriter started singing in New York when he was 19 years old.
After staying 7 years in New York, he did a tour all around in Japan by bicycle with his guitar and CDs. While he was on the tour he got on to 88 radio shows and performed his music.  After 4 years from then, he is now taking it to next stage for this Going “S” Adventure Tour.